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Learn how to easily and cheaply cure Mange in Dogs 

Mange Dogs Treatment offers you easy home Cures and Natural Treatments for your Dog Mites, Mange, and Fleas.


Dog Mange is a serious skin disease for your dog friend. 

Dog mites can easily cause the dog to suffer unbearably and cause damage to the skin, ears, legs and face of your pet as they burrow into the flesh and the numbers could multiply 20 times every 21 days so if you don't stop it now then imagine how bad it is going to get.


The signs of Mange in Dogs  are:


Hair Loss from face, legs, and ears often with red blisters and sores showing on the now exposed skin. The thinning hair will often let you see patches of red skin.


The Skin can be darker, thicker and crusty sores begin to develop. This is a response of the skin from the mites burrowing in your dog and causing pain and damage to the skin.


Your Dog when it is suffering from Mange will likely begin to have the odor of cheese or stinky feet. 


Your Dog will begin to scratch different parts of the body trying to get some relief but that only helps to spread the mites to other parts of the body.


Sores and blisters will likely begin forming on the body and begin spreading to other areas of your dog as the itching gets worse and the dog spreads them by scratching more and more often.


When you see your dog scratching his ears frequently there is a great chance that your dog has the mites attacking his ears.


When you dog stands or walks around with his head tilted to one side often he can be trying to get rid of mites on his face and ears.  The Mange mites are difficult to find and are often smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.  A vet will use a microscope and multiple skin scrapings to try and find if the dog has mites and which variety they are.


 Your pet may also begin shaking its head in an effort to dislodge the mites and shake them off.  The mites love to inhabit the ears and face.

   Look for mucus and fluids in the ears since the parasites there will live on those fluids.
  The ears should be without an strong objectionable smell or mucus if the mites are not infecting them.  There can be moisture in the ears but if it is discolored it can be a sign that infestation has occurred. Veterinarians will usually take multiple scrapings of skin to be examined under a microscope for the mites.

Sarcoptes mites may only be present in small numbers and are often removed by dogs scratching and chewing the skin.  The diagnosis of Sarcoptic mange is more often using the symptoms of mange rather than always finding the mites.


 One very simple way of checking if a dog has mange is watching to see if it displays the Pedal-Pinna reflex.  This reflex happens when the ear is scratched and manipulated.  If the dog moves one of its hind legs while the scratching is going on then it is likely that the dog has ear mites or Mange.  It is helpful when the dog has all the signs of mites but none are found and it is 95% accurate.


Demodetic Mange mites are also called demodicosis or Red Mange and they are present on the skin of most dogs and just finding one mite through the skin scrapings and examination does not mean that a dog is suffering from Demodex. Most of the minor cases of demodectic mange do not cause severe itching but can cause sores or pustules to appear on the dog's skin along with some redness, scaling, and hair loss. Demodex commonly begins first on the face then around the eyes, then close to the corners of the mouth and migrating to the front legs and paws.


Hair loss can be seen in patches all over the body in the more severe forms along with crusting sores, skin infections, and enlarged lymph nodes.


Some breeds of dog especially the West Highland White Terrier are especially susceptible and something that simply looks like a relatively minor skin irritation may be Demodetic mange.

  Cheyletiellosis mites also known as walking dandruff tend to embed themselves in the skin or in hair follicles. They generally infect domestic animals, commonly dogs and other pets, but can also affect wild animals and even humans.  They are called walking dandruff because of the skin cells carried by the mites. They have eight legs with combs on the ends instead of claws.  These mites do not burrow into the skin but live their entire 21 day life span on the keratin level. 

The Cheyletiellosis mites can survive off of a host for up to 10 days.  They can cause lesions and hair loss.  They can live on humans for up to three weeks and cause red itchy bumps on the arms, buttocks and the trunk of your body.  They cannot reproduce on human tissue so unless you are re-infected they die within the 21 days unless you infect another dog with them.

The Major Reasons Your Dog would have that itchy scratchy and Contagious Dog Mange.

 Almost all dogs have parasites on the skin some are even transmitted from the mother shortly after birth.  The mites are normally kept in check by the dog’s immune system.  Older dogs often have weaker immune systems and therefore are at a greater risk of getting the infections brought about by the mites burrowing under the skin and basically living off the tissue and defecating under your dogs skin causing the rash-like symptoms and the hair loss that your dog is likely experiencing.  Dogs that have good nutrition and are kept clean will likely have good immune systems. But the mere fact that you buy high priced dog food does not mean that the food is good for them, remember that it is made from products that were deemed unfit for human consumption and were sold to dog food manufactures. Some brands that are high priced are actually not very good for your dog.  If you would like a list of foods that might be better go there is a separate book included with the Mange Dog Report. 


Dog Mange can be contagious. The dogs that are around your Dog can have the Mange and mere contact with your dog may be enough to transfer the mites to your pet.  If your dog is kept clean it reduces the likelihood of them getting the mites but it certainly is not a guarantee that they will not get it.


Dog Mites normally live about 21 days and the females lay their eggs after burrowing under your dogs skin.  The eggs hatch and in a few days the new mites are mature and are able to start the cycle over again.  The only thing that shortens the life of the mite is cold weather.  During cold weather the lifespan of the mite is dramatically reduced so the females may only lay one crop of eggs.  Each female can lay up to 40 eggs during her lifetime in warm weather.  This accounts for the very rapid increase in the numbers and itchiness of the dog.  The numbers could grow from one to thousands very quickly.


Dog mange mites can be transferred from dog to dog and for a short time to humans as well.  Most of the mites can only live off of a host for 2 to 5 days but they can live on your skin and let you become the host for up to three weeks.

 If you take a dog to a Vet the are likely to isolate the dog since any contact with other dogs would just spread the mites and make it worse.  Think of it like kids in school when one kid has head lice the whole class can get them.  The vet will use a  microscope and find out which kind of mite your dog has.  Your dog may be kept for observation and stay on the premises and may be dipped in some rather harsh chemicals to try and kill the mites if they are present.  Some of these treatments can be as harmful to your pet as the mites themselves are.

Blood samples will often be taken since the mites can change the blood chemistry in your dog it is an easy way to see which kinds of mites are infesting your pet.

The current medicines the Vet will likely use on your Dog can get rid of the Mange or mites but often they can have side effects that can make your dog sick as well.

  Treatments That the Veterinarians are likely to Prescribe.

 You have good news if you have a young dog with localized Demodectic mange. Many puppies have it and it is considered a common ailment, with about 80% to 90% of the cases going away on their own as the immune system develops. Some of the minor, localized cases are often treated with medicated shampoos just keeping the dog clean. If this works for you great you avoided putting some of the very harsh drugs and pesticides the vet would have given you like the ones below.

 Amitraz which is sold under the trade name of Mitaban Rx is a very toxic medication. It is very toxic to the dog as well as to the mites that you are trying to kill.  It was approved because the majority of dogs that developed the generalized form of demodectic Mange died with the disease.  Amitraz in its’ drug trials killed three out of 1100 of the dogs it was used on.  Many others had adverse reactions including severe lethargy, loss of coordination, and seizures.  When faced with the almost certain loss of the dog it was felt that this harsh medicine should be approved.

 Amitraz is an anti-parasite rinse (pesticide) used for treating canine demodicosis. It must be applied for several weeks either weekly or biweekly, until frequent scrapings of the dog’s skin will reveal no more mites.


Ivermectin, Doramectin and Milbemycin are drugs used to kill Demodetic Mange also called Red mange.  These are drugs that are given orally.  Ivermectin can be dangerous to colliesn and other herding breeds of dogs and likely should not be used.  There can be a defect in the brain blood barrier with these breeds that can cause harm to the dog.  Also a heart worm check must be made before using this medicine since those animals that have heart worm and have this medication have been known to die within a few days.


There are other medications that the vet will likely prescribe.  These dips that the vet will give you can continue for weeks and if they bedding and area around the home and other dogs in the area are not taken care of re-infestations is very likely.  These dips can cost $60 dollars per treatment with many trips to the vet costing you both time and money. 


If you don’t want to risk the life and health of your dog friend with putting harsh pesticides or drugs into them then read on. The answer is easy and can be done at home in your own time.


  • There is a Dog Mange Report which details several ways to identify if mange is invading your dog and gives you treatments that work for all of them.
  • What is important is that they work fast and are easy to do.
  •  The Mange Dog Report gives you treatments use all natural remedies and are about as toxic than table salt.
  • You don’t have to risk your dog’s health with the drugs we showed you above or make many expensive trips to the vet. 
  • What we show you works really fast and you will notice a big improvement in the dog within days. 
  • Your dogs scratching will stop. 
  • Your dogs head will not be tilting trying to get rid of the mites.
  • And you will be safe from them crawling all over you and your children.
  • It is very inexpensive to do and is only a fraction of the cost of one dip at the vet’s office much less a whole spectrum of treatment, scrape the skin to test for mites and treat again and again?


The Mange Dog Report is guaranteed to work or you get your money back does the Vet give you the same guarantee?


The Mange Dog Report  is downloadable and you can be helping your dog to get better today instead of waiting till you are off work on Saturday to take your pet in.


  •  You can get your dog mange and mite free in a matter of days with almost no expense.
  • If your pet ever becomes infected again you will know exactly what to do and have only a few dollars of expense to fix it again.
  • Do you know what over the counter treatments can kill your Dog?
  • Do you know how to treat a Puppy or pregnant and nursing Dog? Sum treatments can harm them so be careful.
  • Do you want to get rid of that funky Odor Fido has been having?
  • Do you want to be flea free and stop the dog from scratching?
  • Do you want to make twice weekly trips to a vet for him to dip your dog in toxic chemicals?

There are other people who have mange treatment but they sell you one simple technique that has been online and freely available for many years.  If you want to spend almost as much for one treatment instead of the several that we give you that you can customize for your dog then feel free.  Ours work and work well and are fast, non toxic and cheap to use.

 Mange Dog Report sells for only $39.95


  • Remember each dip from the vet can be $60.00 and the very best case it will take two dips.


  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results you can have your money back.  Does the Vet give you the same Guarantee? 


  • Do you still take your chances with the vet and the risky pesticides they will put on your favorite dog.


Buy the downloadable  Mange Dog Report for only $39.95 and remember it is a risk free offer.


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We believe in using Vets to diagnose the conditon of a pet for serious illnesses but in most cases they will use harsh and dangerous medicines instead of easy, fast and cheap natural cures. We hope that you will look into doing something for your pet before covering them with harsh pesticides and chemicals that can cause major health issues and death in some animals.  
Some Dogs especially Collies and herding dogs have special sensitivities to over the counter medicines and even doctor prescribed medicines that can easily kill your best friend.

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